Contest name: Rate It! Promo

Status: Contest ended

Start date: Sept 23rd 2017

End date: Sept 27th 2017


Rate 3 products for 30% discount.

We believe reviews and rating products is a good way to help other buyers make better decisions and also for us to understand our customers preferences and where we could make things better.

Rate and write a short honest review (one or two lines) for 3 products and get a 30% discount on your next purchase.

  • The Promo starts now and ends Wednesday the 27th 2017.
  • The Promo is good only once per client.
  • The Promos don’t stack up (for example you can’t obtain 60% discount by writing 6 reviews. It’s 3 reviews max for 30% discount once per client that counts).

All reviews must be in English language. Any reviews considered hateful or as sabotage will be immediately deleted.

As soon as you reviews are complete please send a Facebook private message to Dominique Di Rienzo or email us at telling us your done with your 3 reviews. You’ll then receive your personal discount code.

Thanks for your time and contribution.

BBL Team