Pad-Dead Room Drums Volume 1

Pad-Dead Room Drums Volume 1


Attention attention!!! Buy this library and get the rest of the upcoming series for FREE! This is volume 1 of a 4 parts series. Pad-Dead Room Drums gives you 16 of everything so you can fully charge your pads with that amazing Boom Bap ammo sound! Meticulously crafted by our team of sound designers, this library is the epitome of what we can achieve. You get the raw, dirty, dusty grit and the smack and punch on each drum sounds. You also get 16 super obscure rare samples, breakbeats and extra sounds like percussions, open hi hats and stabs. All sounds are precisely identified and sorted by folders. And best of all, when you buy this volume 1, you'll get volume 2, 3 and 4 for free when they release.

Packed with more than 128 different sounds in 16 bits wavs, 44.1khz.

  • 16 Drum Kits
  • 16 Kicks
  • 16 Dry Snares
  • 16 Verb Snares
  • 16 Hi Hats
  • 16 Breakbeats
  • 16 Samples
  • 16 Extras

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