Granular Blend Box

Granular Blend Box


Once every few years comes a moment your really proud of. This is the time! It's a game changer for the underground hip hop producers. This tool box will propel you and your compositions way beyond what you could've imagined. The number of combinations possible out of this drum layering engine is staggering. Almost endless. With 2600 sounds you sure get more than what you pay for. And the longevity of this toolbox will last for years to come. With that said, we even plan to release extensions so you can reload your engine when you feel it's the right time.

Packed with more than 2600 sounds in 16 bits, 44khz, wav files all identified properly so you don't have to search endlessly.

  • 455 Hi Hat layers divided in 4 categories.
  • 510 Kick layers divided in 4 categories.
  • 895 Snare layers divided in 4 categories.
  • 114 Breakbeats textures (kicks, snares, hi hats).
  • 187 lo-fi textures.
  • 21 reverb tails
  • 31 sub kicks
  • 386 Extra sounds (beeps, clicks, crackle, dirt, metal, strange, sfx...)

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