SOLD OUT - Crates From Planet 52 (die hard edition) Limited Edition


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Coming live and direct from planet 52 with samples that will blow you to outer space. Your mission is to get those crates before they vanish forever. Your spaceship can only stay a limited time inside the Planet 52's fiery atmosphere before it melts and you melt with it. Quick here's the secret map to the sample crates. Bring them back and leave this place before it's too late. Good luck soldier!

SUPER LIMITED EDITION sample pack comes in 2 versions.

Red cover is Version 1: Standard version (contains 50 samples) - 10 copies only
Blue cover is Version 2: Die Hard version (contains 110 samples) - 3 copies only

All samples in wav format at 16 bits / 44.1Khz.
Samples curated by Alpha Centori and Amen of Hellzwind.
All chopped properly with fade in and out.

Both versions comes with samples tagged (artist and song names).

More details:

Version 1 we picked the best 50 samples according to our tastes.

Version 2 is all the 50 best samples plus 60 discarded samples that we've included in this version. It's like the "director's cut" version.

Low quality audio preview.