Lo-Fi Retaliation 2

$24.99 $12.50

A lot of people demanded more lofi sounds. But it seems everything that has lofi on it is not that raw after all. Boom Bap cats wanted to hear what we could deliver for the extra raw crispy sound fanatics. We present to you the 2nd opus of the LoFi Retaliation series. This time we went all the way bro. And we really mean it. Don't believe us? Listen to this sick demo. Grab this one it's a instant knock out in the lofi field. And we don't think you can go rawer than this.

All samples in wav format at 16 bits / 44.1Khz.
200 sounds designed with that extra gritty texture.
Our new Scorching breaks treatment (warning extra extra hot)
Lofi and non lofi kicks and snares.
Designed with the lofi and boom bap producers in mind.

30 Kicks
30 Snares
20 Hi Hats
30 LoFi Kicks
30 LoFi Snares
11 short 2 bars loops composed by Alpha Centori
30 Scorching breaks (chop them up or use as is)
20 Extras

You can find most of the original non processed versions of the Scorching breaks in our Monster Breaks series.