Macabro by Alpha Centori

Dominique Di Rienzo aka Alpha Centori is certainly no stranger to the horror and the macabre movies. He's been a fan since the age of 15. From italian cult classics to the deranged psychopaths opus and can't forget the 80's slasher. For a long time he's been waiting for the perfect moment to release some of his terrifying murderous compositions. Ladies and Gentlemen Boom Bap Labs and Alpha Centori presents; Macabro. A collection of 10 dark and fantastic short compositions screaming to match with drums or dirty breaks. These melodies are complete in themselves and would serve well as the main loop for beats or for chopping, slowing down or up and re-play. For the fans of horror music and dark soundscapes, this one is a must!
  • All compositions in 16 bits/44.1 Khz universal WAV format
  • 10 compositions all royalty free
  • Composed, arranged and mixed by Alpha Centori