Needle Drops Volume 1 (Progressive Rock Edition)

Needle Drops Volume 1 (Progressive Rock Edition)


Known as a Boom Bap Underground producer who has major placements with Wu Affiliates, introducing from Bronx New York, Solution Beatz. A master at work with the beats and the sounds, he's generous enough to share some of his hard to find obscure crate digging gems with us. This is volume one of a series of multiple genres exploration. The first volume specializes in the grimy raw progressive rock sound, from moog keyboards, to saturated fender rhodes and the electric phasing guitars. This pack offers 10 different songs with each song having the best parts already chopped. Each song contains between 2 to 5 parts giving you more than 30 different samples for you to build with. Listen to the demo and see for yourself.

  • All samples in wav format at 24 bits / 44.1Khz.
  • 10 Songs chopped in 2 to 5 parts each curated by Solution Beatz.
  • Special progressive rock edition.

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